44th Annual Zwolle Tamale Fiesta Oct. 10-12, 2019

Zwolle Tamale Fiesta 44th Anniversary!!!

Come Celebrate With Us!!!

Oct. 10-12, 2019







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2018 Tamale Fiesta Court


Skylar Ezernack

Teen Miss

Canada Sepulvado


G. J. “Pie” Martinez

First Lady

Rose Martinez

2018 Tamale Fiesta King, G.J. “Pie” Martinez

G.J. “Pie” Martinez will reign over the 2018 Tamale Fiesta. Martinez considers himself blessed by the town he represents and is honored. G. J. “Pie” Martinez is the son of Catherine Sepulvado Martinez and the late G.L. “Chooch” Martinez of Zwolle.  He is the oldest of three brothers, Eddie, Pat and the late A. T. “B.B” Martinez and one sister, Ann Martinez Harris.

Pie married Agatha Sepulvado and they are the proud parents of four children, Lisa wife of Richard Deville of Moss Bluff, Paula wife of Clark Rivers, Carla wife of Henry Rivers and son, Keith Martinez husband of Monique Martinez all of Zwolle.  G.J. “Pie” Martinez has been awarded numerous awards in which some include, Logger of the Year, Outstanding Community  Service award, Who’s who in Leading American Executives, received the Diocesan Metal for Service at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, In the Louisiana Loggers Hall of fame, he even helped establish the Zwolle Loggers and Forestry Festival and that’s just a few of his many awards and accomplishments.  G.J. “Pie” currently serves as the Mayor of Zwolle.

G.J. “Pie” Martinez, logging contractor, master logger, civic servant, mayor,  husband, father, grandfather, friend and colleague is excited about being named this year’s Tamale Fiesta King and hopes to see you at this year’s festival.



2018 Tamale Fiesta First Lady,  Rose Martinez

On September 19, 1943, I was born to Jessie Ebarb and Rita McComic.  My dad has passed away, but my mom is alive and well.  She has lived to be 94 years old! In December, she will be 95.  My companion of 14 years, Thurman Webb, is with me as I begin this year as First Lady of the 43rd Zwolle Tamale Fiesta.  Life is good

I have 8 sisters, 2 brothers, and 7 children – Gayle Morgan and husband Randy, Allen Martinez and wife Susan, Scott Martinez (deceased), Darlene Coker and husband Kerry, Suzette Anderson and husband Clint, Eileen McLain and husband Pat and Brad Martinez – along with one special grandson who was raised as a son, Leslie Martinez, Jr.  Now the family has grown even more.  I have 8 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren – the latest granddaughter being only 10 days old.  I am very proud of every one of them.

I am a member of St. Joseph Catholic Church and volunteer there as well as at the St. Vincent D ’Paul organization.  My hobbies are few.  I enjoy gardening, dancing, riding 4-wheelers, cutting grass and cooking.

Years ago at the beginning of the Tamale Fiesta, the founder of the festival, Mr. Rogers P. Loupe, asked me to help make some tamales to realize his vision for Zwolle.  Of course, I said yes!  The kids didn’t get too excited because they knew it would be lots of work.  But, for several years, the kids, my dear friend, JoAnne, and I made lots and lots and lots of tamales.

The Fiesta has become even more precious to me since then.  Aside from making tamales for the festival, for the trail ride and the silhouette matches, my family and I have been involved in various aspects of the Fiesta over the years.  My daughter Suzette Anderson reigned as queen in 1984, my grandson TJ was crowned Tiny King in 1990 and in 2013 my granddaughter Regan Anderson Jones was crowned queen and my grandson Braylen a Royal Page for this year’s festival and me – First Lady!  How great is that?!?

43rd Annual Tamale Fiesta Royalty

BABY MISS – Lillie’Anne Worsham

TINY MISS – Emery Sepulvado

TODDLER MISS – Brooklyn Remedies

PETITE MISS – Selena Vela

LITTLE MISS – Sarah Walraven

DEB MISS – Chloe Carter

JUNIOR MISS – Michelle Hood

TEEN MISS – Canada Sepulvado

MISS – Skylar Ezernack

KING – G.J. “Pie” Martinez

FIRST LADY – Rose Martinez

ROYAL PAGES – Gunner Rivers & Braylon Etheridge

Past Courts

YearQueenKingFirst Lady
1976Melissa Palmer HardbackPresident Rogers P. Loupe
1977Donna Sepulvado MontgomeryGarrett Walsh Sr
1978Pollie Sepulvado BrandonLoren Ebarb
1979Debbie Aaron PelosoE. B. Malmay
1980Lisa Knight KiperRogers P. Loupe
1981Deanna Fredieu WrightWilliam Palmer
1982Rhonda Henderson SpallerWoodrow Salter
1983Sara Lee MitchumQuinton Brandon
1984Suzette Martinez AndersonJohnny Boudreaux
1985Kim Salter AuldRobert Remedies
1986Tina Ezernack HeissFred Roberson
1987Gwen Norman MaddoxWilliam Hopkins
1988Stephanie Ezernack RemediesRichard Oosta
1989Mary Nimmo RicheyBobby Rivers
1990Tina Garcie WilkesJohn Patton
1991Bridget Martinez CorleySam A. Rivers Sr.
1992Emily CraigReasing Rivers
1993Staci Remedes AndersonJohn H. Procell
1994Brandy Rivers CatheyFred J. Ezernack
1995Summer Sepulvado HarperJames Q. SalterRuth Loupe
1996Cherryl Sepulvado MeshellSamuel CrossLois Salter
1997Darci BassJake ProcellLena Cross
1998Julie Stewart DraperCarson RiversPhyllis Murdock
1999Crissy Sepulvado BarmerFreddie RiversEvelyn Hopkins
2000Angel Rivers SaundersChris LoupeBecky Loupe
2001Nina Brandon BrownLarry CryerMary Cryer
2002Jodi Williams KezerleRoger LopezGloria Thompson
2003Amanda K. Ezernack StricklandFloyd GiblinPriscilla Craig
2004 Autumn Burkett LaffitteMike GunterMartha Henderson
2005Leanna MarKay Martinez TylerBill LeoneLady Jane Patton
2006Monique Jones RiversRaymond RemedesIva Lee Meshell
2007Brandi Cholei StoutDavid Garcie“The Late” Karen Rials
2008Kayla Shanette SepulvadoJackie CraigSusan Giblin
2009Cally Lang KillingsworthJim HouseCarolyn Rivers
2010 Taylor WrightSam A Rivers Jr.Yvonne Busby
2011 Patten Gribbin PearsonAlbert Ezernack Jr.Charlene Leone
2012Larissa Phillips ArbuckleStanley GarciaAnn Martinez Rivers
2013Regan AndersonHarold StewartSissy Leone
2014Jami Lee LeboeufPat ProcellJoanne Sepeda
2015Emmalee Suzanne LewingGarrett Walsh JREdith Palmer
2016Halleyana SepulvadoLee McCannCindy D. Ezernack
2017William RuffinJoy Stewart