48th Annual Zwolle Tamale Fiesta Oct. 10-12, 2024

2023 Tamale Fiesta Court


Cailin Landri Leach

Teen Miss

Kaylee Grace Chreene


Sylvester Martinez

First Lady

Linnie Ruth Sepulvado

2023 Tamale Fiesta King, Sylvester Martinez

Sylvester Martinez was honored to be chosen the 2023 Tamale Fiesta king. Syl is very active in our community. He is a life time member of St. Joseph Catholic Church and serves on the cemetery committee. He is married (54 years) to the former Arlene Anderson of Florien and they have one son, three grandsons and four great-grandchildren.

In early 1967, Syl volunteered for the U.S. Army and was assigned to duty in Viet Nam where he spent two years serving his country.

Upon his arrival home, Syl went to work full time at Lowrey Chevrolet. He started courses at Northwestern State University in 1972 and graduated with honors in 1977. In the early 1980’s he started his oil field career and even worked internationally.

Syl is currently a Patriot Guard Rider, Life member of the Dissabled American Veterans Chapter 21, American Legion Post 0401, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5187 and the NRA. He is senior vice commander at the Zwolle VFW Post 5187 and Jr. Vice Commander of District 12 of the Louisiana VFW. He is commander of the local Sons of Confederate Veterans, Sabine Rifles Camp 2057. He is an elder
with the Choctaw-Apache Tribe of Ebarb, La. and a former council member.

His passion for music started at an early age and has never stopped, with his current band being The PineKnotz. Syl invites everyone to the Tamale Fiesta where you will get to enjoy a lot of great bands, delicious food, fun, and fellowship. Those famous tamales made only the way Zwolle artisians can do will bring you back to make even more wonderful memories at annual Zwolle Tamale Fiesta.




2023 Tamale Fiesta First Lady,  Linnie Ruth Sepulvado

Ms. Linnie Ruth is married to Robert Wayne Sepulvado, and they have five children: Darlene, Robert Junior, Regina, Brandy, and Adam. Linnie has always loved to cook. In 2003, she and her husband
inaugurated their own venture, now widely recognized as L&W Tamale House in Zwolle. Over the course of two decades, the establishment has become a beloved culinary institution in Sabine Parish and neighboring areas. The popularity of Linnie’s tamales isn’t confined to the local region; they have traveled to distant corners of the United States, even making their way to Alaska.

A testament to her influence and significance, Linnie proudly bears the title of Zwolle Tamale Fiesta First Lady, a testament to her pivotal role in this cherished event. In fact, she contributed to the creation of the first tamales at the inaugural Zwolle Tamale Fiesta, working alongside the founder of the fiesta, Rogers Loupe. Her journey from a young girl cooking meals for her father to a respected tamale artisan and business owner exemplifies her dedication, resilience, and the impact she has had on her community.

No family gathering would be complete without the delicious tamales made in Zwolle, LA. Ms. Linnie Ruth encourages everyone to attend the Zwolle Tamale Fiesta held every year, the second full weekend in October.


46th Annual Tamale Fiesta Royalty

Queen- Cailin Landri Leach

King- Sylvester Martinez

First Lady of the Fiesta – Linnie Sepulvado

Baby Miss – Everlynn Rivers

Tiny Miss – Kalani Williams

Toddler Miss – Brynlea Kelley

Petite Miss – Savvy Tyson

Little Miss – Chesa Bell

Deb Miss – Carmen Pearce

Junior Miss – Reba Springer

Teen Miss – Kaylee Grace Chreene

Royal Pages – Gabe Killingsworth, Bryce Rivers


Past Courts

YearQueenKingFirst Lady
1976Melissa Palmer HardbackPresident Rogers P. Loupe 
1977Donna Sepulvado MontgomeryGarrett Walsh Sr
1978Pollie Sepulvado BrandonLoren Ebarb
1979Debbie Aaron PelosoE. B. Malmay
1980Lisa Knight KiperRogers P. Loupe
1981Deanna Fredieu WrightWilliam Palmer
1982Rhonda Henderson SpallerWoodrow Salter
1983Sara Lee MitchumQuinton Brandon
1984Suzette Martinez AndersonJohnny Boudreaux
1985Kim Salter AuldRobert Remedies
1986Tina Ezernack HeissFred Roberson
1987Gwen Norman MaddoxWilliam Hopkins
1988Stephanie Ezernack RemediesRichard Oosta
1989Mary Nimmo RicheyBobby Rivers
1990Tina Garcie WilkesJohn Patton
1991Bridget Martinez CorleySam A. Rivers Sr.
1992Emily CraigReasing Rivers
1993Staci Remedes AndersonJohn H. Procell
1994Brandy Rivers CatheyFred J. Ezernack
1995Summer Sepulvado HarperJames Q. SalterRuth Loupe
1996Cherryl Sepulvado MeshellSamuel CrossLois Salter
1997Darci BassJake ProcellLena Cross
1998Julie Stewart DraperCarson RiversPhyllis Murdock
1999Crissy Sepulvado BarmerFreddie RiversEvelyn Hopkins
2000Angel Rivers SaundersChris LoupeBecky Loupe
2001Nina Brandon BrownLarry CryerMary Cryer
2002Jodi Williams KezerleRoger LopezGloria Thompson
2003Amanda K. Ezernack StricklandFloyd GiblinPriscilla Craig
2004 Autumn Burkett LaffitteMike GunterMartha Henderson
2005Leanna MarKay Martinez TylerBill LeoneLady Jane Patton
2006Monique Jones RiversRaymond RemedesIva Lee Meshell
2007Brandi Cholei StoutDavid Garcie“The Late” Karen Rials
2008Kayla Shanette SepulvadoJackie CraigSusan Giblin
2009Cally Lang KillingsworthJim HouseCarolyn Rivers
2010 Taylor WrightSam A Rivers Jr.Yvonne Busby
2011 Patten Gribbin PearsonAlbert Ezernack Jr.Charlene Leone
2012Larissa Phillips ArbuckleStanley GarciaAnn Martinez Rivers
2013Regan AndersonHarold StewartSissy Leone
2014Jami Lee LeboeufPat ProcellJoanne Sepeda
2015Emmalee Suzanne LewingGarrett Walsh JREdith Palmer
2016Halleyana SepulvadoLee McCannCindy D. Ezernack
2017 William RuffinJoy Stewart
2018Skylar EzernackGJ “Pie” MartinezRose Martinez
2019Alison GarciaPat RiversKaren “Tiny” Parrie
Canada SepulvadoPat RiversKaren “Tiny” Parrie
Canada SepulvadoDonald RemediesDorothy Faye Ezernack
Kaydee MeshellRonald BrandonGwen Garcie
Cailin Landri LeachSylvester MartinezLinnie Ruth Sepulvado