Zwolle Tamale Fiesta 43rd Anniversary!!!

Come Celebrate With Us!!!

43rd Annual
Zwolle Tamale Fiesta
Oct. 11-13, 2018







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2017 Tamale Fiesta Court

Teen Miss

Hana Micheely Lewis


William Ruffin

First Lady

Joy Stewart

2017 Tamale Fiesta King, William Ruffin

William Edward Ruffin, Jr., born the third of nine children to the union of William, Sr. and Jewel Watts Ruffin in Eldorado, Arkansas on February 22, 1943.

Ruffin attended elementary and high school in Arkansas. Upon graduating from Washington High School in 1959, he enrolled in Grambling College which is presently Grambling State University. During time attending Grambling he met his college sweetheart Gloria Harvey of Alexandria, Louisiana. They were married in 1964. To this union they had four sons, Roderick (Deceased), Gregory, Eric and William, III.

He started his career in education in Sabine Parish at Sabine High School. He taught ther for four years before transferring to Zwolle High School as a Teacher and Coach.

Later in his career, he was named Principal of Zwolle Intermediate School and after a successful tiome there, he was named Principal of Zwolle High School where he served until retirement. Ruffin said a career in teaching taught him the art of patience and joy of being able to assist young people in developing into productive citizens. He felt that in order to be successful in education, you must become a part of the children and their families. That is how he became more involved in the entire community development.

He has served on the Sabine Parish Police Jury for twenty-six years. He serves on other Local, State, and National organizations. This allows him to continue working to help people throughout the Parish.

Ruffin and his family are active members of Bethel Baptist Church.


2017 Tamale Fiesta First Lady,  Joy Stewart


Royal Pages

Kaken Laroux & Kamron Sepulvado

42nd Annual Tamale Fiesta Royalty

BABY MISS – Emery Ann Sepulvado

TINY MISS – Audrie Ray Phillips

TODDLER MISS – Blair McKall Speight

PETITE MISS – Ella-Grace Greer

LITTLE MISS – Zoe Traore’

DEB MISS – Kyleigh Faith Severin

JUNIOR MISS – Keely DeAnn Garcie

TEEN MISS – Hana Micheely Lewis

MISS – Lillian Elizabeth LaTour

KING – William Ruffin

FIRST LADY – Joy Stewart

ROYAL PAGES – Collin Stewart Draper & Kurt Nicholas Campert

Past Courts

Year Queen King First Lady
1976 Melissa Palmer Hardback President Rogers P. Loupe
1977 Donna Sepulvado Montgomery Garrett Walsh Sr
1978 Pollie Sepulvado Brandon Loren Ebarb
1979 Debbie Aaron Peloso E. B. Malmay
1980 Lisa Knight Kiper Rogers P. Loupe
1981 Deanna Fredieu Wright William Palmer
1982 Rhonda Henderson Spaller Woodrow Salter
1983 Sara Lee Mitchum Quinton Brandon
1984 Suzette Martinez Anderson Johnny Boudreaux
1985 Kim Salter Auld Robert Remedies
1986 Tina Ezernack Heiss Fred Roberson
1987 Gwen Norman Maddox William Hopkins
1988 Stephanie Ezernack Remedies Richard Oosta
1989 Mary Nimmo Richey Bobby Rivers
1990 Tina Garcie Wilkes John Patton
1991 Bridget Martinez Corley Sam A. Rivers Sr.
1992 Emily Craig Reasing Rivers
1993 Staci Remedes Anderson John H. Procell
1994 Brandy Rivers Cathey Fred J. Ezernack
1995 Summer Sepulvado Harper James Q. Salter Ruth Loupe
1996 Cherryl Sepulvado Meshell Samuel Cross Lois Salter
1997 Darci Bass Jake Procell Lena Cross
1998 Julie Stewart Draper Carson Rivers Phyllis Murdock
1999 Crissy Sepulvado Barmer Freddie Rivers Evelyn Hopkins
2000 Angel Rivers Saunders Chris Loupe Becky Loupe
2001 Nina Brandon Brown Larry Cryer Mary Cryer
2002 Jodi Williams Kezerle Roger Lopez Gloria Thompson
2003 Amanda K. Ezernack Strickland Floyd Giblin Priscilla Craig
2004 Autumn Burkett Laffitte Mike Gunter Martha Henderson
2005 Leanna MarKay Martinez Tyler Bill Leone Lady Jane Patton
2006 Monique Jones Rivers Raymond Remedes Iva Lee Meshell
2007 Brandi Cholei Stout David Garcie “The Late” Karen Rials
2008 Kayla Shanette Sepulvado Jackie Craig Susan Giblin
2009 Cally Lang Killingsworth Jim House Carolyn Rivers
2010 Taylor Wright Sam A Rivers Jr. Yvonne Busby
2011 Patten Gribbin Pearson Albert Ezernack Jr. Charlene Leone
2012 Larissa Phillips Arbuckle Stanley Garcia Ann Martinez Rivers
2013 Regan Anderson Harold Stewart Sissy Leone
2014 Jami Lee Leboeuf Pat Procell Joanne Sepeda
2015 Emmalee Suzanne Lewing Garrett Walsh JR Edith Palmer
2016 Halleyana Sepulvado Lee McCann Cindy D. Ezernack